What make’s your music different?

“ Well…. I would say my music is passionate, and i actually like to write and come up with different sounds and play with different producers”

With all of the artist you sign, which is cool for a young teen like you, do you require your artist to have a set sound?

“ With me, i think that music is a type of thing you have to be creative with.”

“So with the artist i do have, i push them to move from their comfort zone and push them to try out new beats, something that’s fun but also classified as your “classic.”

Now, you have a record label?


The name of your label is “Ionic Records” but you tweeted out “whale gang” recently. What does that mean ?

“LOL, Whale gang is just something i want to have fun with.”

  “Nothings a secret here it’s just something i’m having fun with .”

Ok, now you have some new music out, C.R.E.A.M, tell us a little about the song.

“ This song was one of the first songs that i ever felt was a success, people were telling me that i really improved” “ I went to this school event, and i let the person in  charge listen to

this song, and he asked me how long i was rapping” “ I told him about a year, he couldn’t believe that was the outcome of a years work” “ I’m use to people saying , that everybody is now a rapper, that i’m a follower, but i always had a passion for music and the business”

Who are some of your influences?

“ Well i grew up listening to R&B, And on my own i discovered country, indie, hip hop, and neo soul” “ K. MIchelle, Kehlani, BIg Sean, The Dixie Chicks, And even my own artist Dizzy Heightz has influenced my music” “ These people all have life stories, and i love what they’re story is.” “ They make me wanna keep going and to push myself to not give or to not complain.”